Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ziegler, J.A., Silberg, J.N., Araujo, G, Labaja, J., Ponzo, A., Rollins, R., and Dearden, P. 2018. A guilty pleasure: Tourist perspectives on the ethics of feeding whale sharks in Oslob, Philippines. Tourism Management 68: 264-274.

Alava, J.J. and Silberg, J.N. 2014. Delisted whales good news for pipeline. Science 345 (6194): 278-279.

Silberg, J.N., Acebes, J.M.V., Burdin, A.M., Mamaev, E.G., Dolan, K.C., Layusa, C.A., and Aca E.Q. 2013. New insight into migration patterns of western North Pacific humpback whales between Babuyan Islands, Philippines and the Commander Islands, Russia.  Journal of Cetacean Research and Management 13(1): 53-57.

Technical Reports

Silberg, J.N., L. Honka, K.W. Demes, J.M. Burt and A.K. Salomon. 2014. Direct and indirect effects of sea otter recovery on the central coast of British Columbia. p.44.

Conference Talks

Silberg, J.N. Media and storytelling as a tool for science communication – Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution – Victoria, BC (May, 2017)

Silberg, J.N. & Salomon, A.K. Variable indirect effects of sea otter recovery on temperate reef fish – International Marine Conservation Congress – St. John’s, NL (Aug, 2016)

Silberg, J.N. & Salomon, A.K. Indirect effects of sea otter recovery on temperate reef fish  – North American Congress for Conservation Biology – Missoula, MT, USA (Jul, 2014); Simon Fraser University IDEAS Conference – Vancouver, BC (Jan, 2014 Runner-up Best Talk); Western Society of Naturalists Conference – Oxnard, CA (Nov, 2013); Pacific Ecology & Evolution Conference – Bamfield, BC (Mar, 2013 Runner-up Best Talk)

Silberg, J.N. Ode to indirect effects of apex predator recovery: A trophic cascade poem – Simon Fraser University IDEAS Conference – Vancouver, BC (Jan, 2013 Best Short Talk)


33rd Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation, Baltimore, MD, USA (Feb, 2013)

Pahang, K.A., Ponzo, A., & Silberg, J.N. Bohol Rescue Unit for Marine Wildlife: A vital component of sea turtle conservation in Bohol, Philippines

Western Society of Naturalists Conference, Seaside, CA, USA (Nov, 2012)

Silberg, J.N. & Salomon, A.K. Investigating predator recovery and non-linear dynamics in kelp forest food webs and reef fish

19th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals, Tampa, FL, USA (Nov, 2011)

Silberg, J.N., Ponzo, A., Pahang, K.A., Emata, C.L., Haskins, G. & Acebes, J.M. Site fidelity of melon-headed whales (Peponocephala electra) in the northern Bohol Sea, Philippines

Pahang, K.A., Ponzo, A., Silberg, J.N., Haskins, G., Emata, C.L., & Acebes, J.M. Presence and distribution of cetaceans in the northeastern Bohol Sea, Philippines: Identification of a new hot spot

Ponzo, A., Acebes, J.M., Sabater, E., Silberg, J.N., Pahang, K.A., Emata, C.L. & Utzurrum, J.A. The return of rorquals in the Bohol Sea



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