I’ve written articles for a variety of websites and environmental organizations. I was also the Science Policy & Politics editor for the Canadian blogging network Science Borealis from 2015 until March 2017.

A selection of blogs I’ve written for the Hakai Institute can be found here.


Lit review of Alan Alda’s book “If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?” – July, 2018

Q&A with the Ecological Society of America about my journey to scicomm and a few of my pet peeves – June, 2017

Science Borealis

Conversations with Dolphins: Film Review – Oct, 2016

Who’s there when disaster strikes in Canada? – June, 2016

Is science back in Canada? – March, 2016

A new day for Canadian science – November, 2015

Will there be a science-focused debate during the 2015 election campaign? – August, 2015 (#2 most read Science Borealis editor blog post in 2015)

Muzzled open access – June, 2015

Best Web-friendly Smaller Last Place on EarthPipeline politics, risk management, and why humpback whales are still threatened – Guest blog – September, 2014

Starfish Logo

Whale sharks in Canada?! – Guest blog during Shark Week – August, 2014


Why Wally? – Article (and poem!) on Wally the sea otter, who got shot in Tofino and was transferred to the Vancouver Aquarium for rehabilitation – November, 2013

Sustainable Collective Logo

*Note: Unfortunately, the graduate student-led Sustainable Collective blog is no longer online. I’ve transferred the blogs I wrote for the site to my website.

Sea Otters Central Coast

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